App FAQs

I got the app, now what?

Start earning points toward free food and drinks! Every dollar spent earns 1 point, 100 points earns a $10 credit.

How do I get points?

When you place an order, simply hit the “Earn” button on your app and have a Baker’s Team Member scan the QR Code at the register or you can scan the bar code on your receipt.

Points are received for every qualifying purchase- prior to tax. This means the subtotal amount on your receipt will accurately reflect how many points will be added to your account.  If you’re experiencing a discrepancy, please contact our Customer Service line at 909-884-5233, or email

What if my points don’t match my total?

If your order subtotal has .50 cents and above, your points will round to the next dollar. If your order subtotal is .49 cents and below, your points will round to the lower dollar amount.

For example, an order subtotaling $6.12 will receive 6 points and an order subtotaling $6.52 will round to 7 points.

How do I use my points?

Every 100 points will automatically earn you $10 worth of banked rewards to be used on your Baker’s purchases.

Do I have to spend all $10 at once?

You can spend your $10 banked rewards in whatever increments you’d like.

Can I get points for purchasing gift cards?

You will not earn points when you purchase a gift card. However, points are accrued when a gift card is used as the form of payment.

Do I have to download the app to join the Rewards Program?

While the app is the easiest way to join the Rewards Program and earn points, you can also join on our website. You’ll earn points by entering your barcode manually into your web browser.

Do my banked rewards or points expire?

Your banked rewards will expire after one year. We will send notifications so that you don’t forget. So, be sure to enable push notifications for the App!

Points will expire after 365 days of inactivity.  Make sure to use your App at least once a year to avoid losing your earned points.

Are there any offers in the App?

The app will have periodic offers that may be customized to your preferences, along with other App-exclusive promotions. So, make sure you have notifications turned on so you don’t miss out!

Can I place an order using the App?

Not at this time.

Can I redeem more than one offer at the same time?

You may only redeem one offer, including banked rewards, every four hours.